everything is going to be okay

by kieran smyth & mingjia chen

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avocado sock 01:19
you've been gone (away so much more) to say i’ve been goin too (avocado) sock leavin 2 (o’clock) my blood showin through when you land (in rome i’ll be) headin home i’ll be missin you (in the) mornin glow knowin all (i know) can’t believe it’s true love and (disbelief i forgot) to sleep only looked at you fav’rit thought (to think crack my jaw) i sink every time i do you’ve been gone (far too long) all i dream is you
wraith 05:34
i got out of bed and i tried to clear my head as soon as things got clearer i saw your face in the mirror you were looking back at me and your hands were free at last with no bounds in the afterlife you found and i started to feel lonely like i never had before you said that you must move on and you wanted to say goodbye but i forgot to ask you just how did you die yes, i had a conversation with your apparition before you disappeared before you disappeared and i started to feel lonely like i never had before i saw your face in the paper right next to the job listings and all the advertisements & they said that you’d gone missing and i started to feel lonely like i never had before
spiral 02:52
sirens - violins silence in yr vibrant limbs yr vibrant limbs yr vibrant limbs one side wins through violence a path perturbed among the whirlwind the whirlwind the whirlwind life begins through consequence or did it already end? the tide rolls in - in an undulance but stasis stays within yr silent hymns yr silent hymns yr silent hymns doo doo doo mortal sin is ambivalence a spiral spinning in the void of men the void of men the void of men sirens - violins thrushed around the corner in an ambulance an ambulance an ambulance doo doo doo
berlin 01:58
my friend, let’s go somewhere again to forget the pains of where we’ve been in the birds up above & the bars down below & the music surrounds us all & say your love don't come to your call i'll meet you by the berlin wall the truth is out no doubt, no salty tears can spoil the sweetness of a fresh eclaire there’s no aching pain that the joy of aching feet cannot outweigh & say your lover don’t accept i'll meet you on the spanish steps say you’re scared of growin’ long in the tooth with none to share domestic points of view but a body’s full of removable parts so what’s to a heart? what’s to a heart? & say your love has gone amiss i'll meet you neath the london bridge
it's the kind of dream that wakes you while you’re still in it the kind of heavy eyelids that refuse to let the water quit the kind that finds you wishing the feeling of the one you’re missing weren’t self-imposed & sometimes i wish we were different people propelled by beliefs different to what's been pulling us apart before he passed he shared a lot of things with you & he lived a life so true that he died of it too & even such an action, which itself’s commitment to inaction has left us something new on paper i've got the upper hand but fires burn of different colours life lives not in courts rooms or monochrome conclusions its faults & its forgiveness lie in its endless confusion for what’s true i hear about you from friends we used to share i know you'd rather move away than find any unlovely way to live so the demons you live with bring you both woe & bliss so it felt like it was love or at least a semblance of some mutual admiration & understanding of our faults that transcends the shit of everyday it glowed so bright i couldn't help but look away to swim without a shell to embrace the softness of yours & others too of life & death & in between, & heartbreaks & relationships that weren't made to be mended, but never can be ended i love you too much to love you & at least now you can know that i do
this life gives me so much to behold i can't understand the pain of getting older but now i know there is joy the sun lays squares of light sprawled across the floor like children guarded by dancing schools of dust what a furious romance this is! i'm so lucky to have met you in this exact combination of time & place as this exact version of you as this exact version of me


recorded on a beautiful autumn thursday... here is a collection of songs that we hope can bring comfort to you & to those made vulnerable during this strange time <3

all proceeds will be donated to anduhyaun shelter - a violence against women (VAW) emergency shelter servicing aboriginal and non-aboriginal women with or without children fleeing violence.

as of august 8th 2020, we've raised $597.01 for anduhyaun shelter!

~ thank u love u ~
ming & kier ( pomesband.bandcamp.com )


released May 1, 2020

all songs written & performed by kieran smyth & mingjia chen
recorded, mixed, & mastered by kohen hammond
recorded at revolution recording


all rights reserved



mingjia Toronto, Ontario

is it true??????

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